I use Feedly to subscribe to several blogs, mostly tech-related ones. For more details about what I read, view the OPML file for my Feedly content.


I keep track of Kindle highlights and quotes that I found interesting, entertaining or note-worthy. They are viewable in this YML file.

Laptop rebuild

Every 2 months

Code for widget

I rebuild my laptop from scratch regularly. I find it useful to have a way of quickly resetting my machine between clients, in a fully automated way. This setup also serves security and disaster recovery purposes.

Project Euler

I enjoy solving the maths problems on Project Euler. I have a script monitoring any new problems published there.


I store technical training courses, tutorials and articles I am currently working on or plan to be working on in the future in a Trello board.


I store coding challenges that I'd like to solve, eg from the Google Code Jam or Codility, in a Trello board.