Number of tasks are due that day. I use Wunderlist to track small tasks only (eg 'go to the post office').


Number of emails currently in my inbox. I manage regular subscriptions with so I only get one email per day for subscription emails.


I keep track of new hints on my family tree via

Blog and photos

Every 3 months

Code for widget

I occasionally write blog posts on my website and publish my photos on my photos website.


I use a Trello board with four sections for longer term projects that I am working on. I track my current projects in the "Current" section. I have a "Prioritised" section for projects that are ready (next actions already known) that are either urgent or important to get to that week. I store other ready projects in the "Ready" section. Finally, I have an "Icebox" section for ideas and projects that I am unsure about or need more thinking.